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SEP 9th
NOV 4th
Aylsham C         Aylsham B
Aylsham A         Morley
Trunch         BYE
Tyneside         Hevingham
SEP 16th
NOV 11th
Aylsham B         Aylsham A
BYE         Aylsham C
Morley         Hevingham
Trunch         Tyneside
SEP 23rd
NOV 18th
Aylsham A         BYE
Hevingham         Aylsham B
Aylsham C         Trunch
Tyneside         Morley
SEP 30th
NOV 25th
BYE         Hevingham
Trunch         Aylsham A
Aylsham B         Morley
Tyneside         Aylsham C
OCT 7th
DEC 2nd
Hevingham         Trunch
Morley         BYE
Aylsham A         Aylsham C
Aylsham B         Tyneside
OCT 14th
DEC 9th
Trunch         Morley
Aylsham C         Hevingham
BYE         Aylsham B
Tyneside         Aylsham A
OCT 21st
DEC 18th
Morley         Aylsham C
Aylsham B         Trunch
Hevingham         Aylsham A
BYE         Tyneside
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